Thursday, 21 April 2011

Drive Cancel Radio - Ep 1. (DreamCancel Podcast)

Nilcam, the admin of Dreamcancel, has just posted the first episode of Drive Cancel Radio.

I had a listen to it last night, they mainly talk about KOFXIII (amongst the subjects; strategies, tiers, balance, and the inevitable comparisons to older KOF games), as well as GGPO tournaments (US based ones), and other things going on in the US.

The guests include SolidShark, Desmond Delaghetto, metaphysics, Kane317, The ANSWER, and l2slythe. (The latter 3 you may recognise from Arcade Infinity KOFXII/XIII tournament videos.)

It's a good listen and i found it very interesting, you can stream it or download it as well as read more details about the podcast from DreamCancel.

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