Friday, 29 April 2011

King of Fighters Battle Festa (Japanese Mobile Phone Game)


SNKPlaymore opened a new website for this mobile phone game yesterday, nothing really exciting considering the chances of them ever releasing it outside of Japan are slim to none (like nearly all of their other mobile phone games), but since it's KOF related thought i might as well post about it.

It looks like some kind of turn based battle game using sprites and backgrounds from 02UM, interestingly though i noticed Duke from Burning Fight in one of the screen shots.

It's a shame they haven't ported any of their mobile phone games onto any other mobile platform (that we can actually access outside of Japan like the iPhone/iPod Touch) as some of the games look quite interesting. 

I've only ever managed to track down a rom/emulator (that didnt run correctly) for KOF VolleyBall, and Metal Slug which i bought a while back on the iPod Touch is pretty terrible...

Anyway check out the website for KOF Battle Festa here.

Edit (1/5/11): 

Just noticed a post from a couple of days back on Andriasang where there is a better explanation of what this is.

Check out the article here.

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