Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Saw this over on NeoEmpire's forums. A pretty cool animation made with KOF sprites to resemble the opening for Slam Dunk. 

Having never watched Slam Dunk before i went off to look up the opening on Youtube.

Pretty well made don't you think ? Some pretty clever useage of sprites.


  1. Ahhh, at least in latin america Slam Dunk was quite hot, as it was characterized by high school delinquency, mean jokes and silly moments; basketball was even the second plane. It seems that the series enjoyed from at least decent popularity in asia / japan, otherwise the series would have not evencrossed their border.

    Pretty cool vid BTW.

  2. I know it was popular in Hong Kong though for some reason i never came across anyone who had any of it on vhs back in those days.

    DragonBall, Ranma, even SailorMoon lol...But never came across any Slam Dunk.

    People keep telling me to watch it perhaps i should get around to it.

  3. Well, maybe you should give it a try, if you can't get the mood in the firt 4 chapters or so then the series is not for you. For what I remember the series initally presents you with pretty much everything that it has and shows you basketball in the end.

    Heck, for what I remember the main character beats a guy with a Basketball ball in the face before even properly playing the game for the first time, and that's cool for me. The side characters that are introduced later are pretty much hilarious.

    The fun thing is that even with over 100 episodes animated, the series still left out a good chunk of what happens in the manga (probably something like 1/3 of the story).

  4. I've watched the first episode last night, quite pleasantly suprised with it, wasn't really expecting storywise for it to be how it is.

    I think the thing has always put me off about it is i didn't want to watch an anime about sports.

    Pretty cool they mixed in the delinquent kinda theme into it, as i love those kinds of manga/anime.

    Just got to make sure i stick to watching it now. Too easily distracted. xD