Thursday, 28 April 2011

KOF02UM VERSUS Video / King of Fighters -EX- CMV

A few new KOF02UM vids have been uploaded to Youtube by SMOAI2010.

Some great Chang play in the first half of the vid i've embedded below, one of very few times i've actually seen him being used so it's great to see him doing some damage.

Another vid i came across yesterday, which i really enjoyed watching, was this 'King of Fighters -EX-' combo music video. It features combos from pretty much all of the KOF games up to 03 (though i don't remember seeing any 94 combos), and also includes a few combos by Fiol (who i mentioned a couple of days ago).

Check it out:

Also just to note that from what i've been reading online this morning it seems that Trouble Witches NEO! is now working properly so i should hopefully be downloading the full version of that after work tonight. 


  1. It's "nishinippori VERSUS", that's the name of a tournament held there (Nishinippori), the tournament itself is pretty famous and I think that it has more or less a long life time, kinda like those Dune sponsored tournaments.

    Speaking of off topic, I noticed (totally by accident) that SPEKSNK has been uploading videos about SNK no Subete (all about SNK), I think that I remember reading you owning the book so that probably doesn't mean anything to you, but to me that I haven't checked it out it's kinda valuable :P

  2. Oh, I forgot to point out that Chang is the lowest tiered tier of the game. Kinda unusual for someone that can use The World ||∀ °)

  3. I was talking to Bata a little bit about Versus, it's the actual arcade name apparently, and he was saying something like they hold a tournament there once a week.

    On the video we were watching he told me one of the guys commentating on that vid was OZ. Though i'm not sure who normally commentates.

    I uploaded that (well the first disc) onto youtube as well, the book is a stand alone thing and doesnt have any relation (aside from the name).

    There's a capcom version of the book too that i want to eventually buy, as well as a magazine series.
    In particular i want the All About Warzard D: