Friday, 1 April 2011

My new blog site - Kuso Gaming

I've been thinking about making a general interests blog for a while now, especially since i have other hobbies aside from KOF, and not playing much KOF lately...So decided the other day to finally just go ahead and make one.

Couldn't really think of a clever name at the time so only came up with Kuso Gaming.

Anyway i haven't really written much on it yet but if you have time check it out @


  1. Mom, isn't that 4 / 1 material?

  2. Haha i didn't even realise it was april fools day xD

    Seriously though, i'm taking a bit of a break from playing KOF currently (at least until i go to Japan), so i'm working on this as a side project.

    I'm not abandoning this blog though, so i'm still going to update it when i can, just want to write about other things once in a while. :)