Friday, 1 April 2011

Neo Geo Gals Graffiti [LaserDisc]

RealityRetroGaming has just uploaded the Neo Geo Gals Graffiti LaserDisc to his Youtube Channel

Have not watched it all properly yet (just skipped through the video), as i only just saw it on Youtube as i am about to go sleep, but it's hosted by Chiba Reiko and features various clips of the various SNK (and ADK) female characters.

From what i've seen so far it also features clips showing ways to beat the bosses with the female characters as well as a couple of combos.

I've been pretty interested in this video for a while. Almost bought a dvd version from Playasia but the wait time was pretty silly so i ended up cancelling my order (and kinda forgot about it).

Anyway check it out yourself:

Also make sure you subscribe to RealityRetroGaming's Youtube channel as he has plenty of other great SNK (as well as various other 'classic' game) videos, and check out his website here.

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