Saturday, 9 April 2011

NeoEmpire Podcast: Where the hell is KOF13?

Check it out over on NeoEmpire's main page (or to the article here) where you can either stream it or download it to listen to whenever you want. Bare in mind i swear quite alot so it's pretty NSFW.

This was basically a podcast hosted by Bullet Proof (owner of NeoEmpire) speaking with, Gunsmith (owner of Orochinagi), and myself about KOFXIII and KOF02UM.

Should probably note that although i do speak a little harshly about KOFXIII i did enjoy playing the game at UCX ,as i mentioned in my first impressions blog entry, just a bit fed up of waiting around with no news of a release date or not being able to play it.

It's quite a casual conversation (at least i treated it like it), and many of the things asked were done as we went along so i think that some of my answers weren't as clear as they probably could have been.
Was my first time appearing on a podcast, which was fun, but i think as it was my first time doing one i wasn't as prepared for it as i could have been. 

Anyway have a listen, and if there's anything you feel i wasn't too clear about feel free to leave a comment and i'll try to clarify.

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