Saturday, 30 April 2011

Total Eclipse Of SNK 2011

Completely forgot about watching this streamed live, but for those like me who missed it's been recorded on Ustream.

I'm just starting to watch through it now, it's 3 hours of footage in total and i believe it's the top 8 of each of the three tournaments that has been filmed (KOF98, Last Blade 2, and Garou MOTW).

Edit: Noticed that blogspot cuts off the right side of the video, those who want to watch it on Ustream directly (or full screen) here is the link:

Edit 2: Also now available to watch on Youtube (uploaded by Soh85), watch it on Youtube here.


  1. I actually feel asleep through it by the time the Last Blade best 8 started (it was like 6am over here). It was really a true "culture shock" seeing in person certain player's get up.

    To think that 777 was actually a grumpy angry taekwondo office style type of guy. I have a totally new level of respect for him now (And I'm not joking!).

  2. The Garou MOTW tourney which was on after it was pretty good to watch. I'm not a huge fan of the game, but learnt quite a bit from watching it.

    Haha i think that alot of players i couldn't really picture how they look.

  3. I missed it because i had some things to do :) i will watch it tonight for sure - a lot of good players attended from what i see.

    ps:thanks for linking to my blog ^_^

  4. Yeah it seems so, i'm actually kind of suprised though. I saw Bata's name on the registration for KOF 98, but don't remember seeing him in the final 8. (Unless i'm being an idiot lol)

    No probs :)

  5. Since I saw it live I could actually see the prelims, Bata was located in the same group that was OZ and I think that his first match was against OZ himself; in that fight OZ played and incredibly aggressive & creative Chizuru game and Bata quickly became nothing but a stain in the floor :P I remember the moment quite nitedly because in the audience Bata had many supporters, in fact you can probably still read those "Bata, don't mind" support messages when his members when going down.

    After that fight I thought that OZ was going to win the tournament, since he played such a superior game compared to the other guys that qualified the prelimns and the block selection; but in the end "minna daisuki 777" proved to be the bigger badder drunk and not only beat OZ up but also teased him a little in and outside the playing field.

  6. Oh damn, he must really be out of practice as he was telling me he is strongest in 98.

    Musta been dissapointing for him.

    Thanks for letting me know :)

  7. It's hard to tell the if it was out of lack of practice, OZ is pretty much no slouch himself (didn't he won a Tougeki or something?) and the tournament was filled with upsets and strange player / character match ups (the fact that Sue won despise the well known names in there is a good testament of that). Bata vs OZ was actually the most intense match prior to the best 8 fights and OZ was actually "handling with care" Bata even though he kinda held a good advantage in active members. The pressure was there, you could feel that both players were "names" that "knew eachother".

    I remembering asking myself back then "why does the name Bata ring a bell?", after reading these comments in here it makes perfect sense.

  8. I know he definitely didn't get much practice while he was in the UK.
    He had played a few games of 98 in practice mode, while he was staying around my house, but no real human practice. (As 98 is kinda dead over here...)

    He told me he was going to go back to practicing 98 when he returned to Japan, but i think that was only last month he got back.

    OZ is an amazing player, personally i love watching his Hinako, but i never knew he was good in 98 also. (Particularly to beat Bata was a suprise.)

    You're right though they do know each other, in fact they are friends lol.

    Was kinda suprised at the winners characters as well, kind of rare to see those characters together in a winner team. (None of them are top tier if i remember correctly?)

  9. "(None of them are top tier if i remember correctly?)"

    Benimaru and Ura Ryo are pretty high in the tier list, but for what I remember they are not part of the "Infamous Five" which were the characters that had a pretty "visible advantage" over the rest of the cast (even though the game is considered balanced counting those five guys)

  10. ahh, yeah i'm always used to seeing teams made up of characters like Kyo, Daimon, Chizuru, Iori.