Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Trouble Witches NEO! Out Now!!

XBL has already updated with Trouble Witches NEO! Bit suprising since i thought it normally updates in the afternoon.

Anyway the game costs 800MS, and the file size is 944.96MB.
As per usual with XBLA titles a trial is available, and also they updated with two character icon packs (80MS each).

I'll be buying the game at some point after i finish work tonight, and a short write up will follow.

The page can be found here. (Change the en-GB to en-US in the url if you are from the US.)

Also SMOAI2010 has just uploaded a video of the NESICA version of 02UM (a tournament vid i believe), whilst as far as i know gameplay/balance wasn't changed at all in this version you do get a quick glance at the NESICA card screen at the start of the vid.

Also some nice Hinako and Lin play towards the end.


  1. Well, the video does read "district tournament", so it's probably that. Considering that the player names aren't major then who knowns what in province the tournament is being located.

    Since the machine is in "event mode" you can't check how slow & lame the BP screens are. In 98' they were ridiculously slow and hideous.

  2. Have there been many vids of 98UM:FE uploaded ?

    I think i've seen a bit of the one that was posted on Orochinagi a while back, but not seen much of it since.

  3. I remember seeing a few short clips aside that youtube uploaded vid (it was from Emill I think), but the other vids weren't really exiting nor anything. But since I usually hang around Youku or Nico then me bumping into something else is just natural.