Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Trouble Witches NEO! Premium Themes.

Haven't logged into my XBL account for a while so didn't notice that XBL had updated with Trouble Witches NEO! Premium themes until last night while at a friend's house.

Went off to scour Youtube for videos of the themes just to see how they looked and came across these two videos uploaded by Youtube user ThemeXbox.

The first is the 'Type Witch':

And the second is 'Type Boss':

Although i doubt i will buy either (considering i only have enough points left on my account i've been saving to buy the actual Trouble Witches game), i do quite like the 'Type Witch' theme.

The actual game should hopefully be out some time tomorrow (27/4/11), i'll be sure to do a little write up once i get it.

Edit: SNKPlaymore has just updated their facebook page with some new information regarding the DLC character:
Official Wallpaper of "Luca Yurievna Vinakol". This highly skilled 10013-year-old witch will be available as an additional DLC character from 2011, May, 11th (price TBD).

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