Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Trouble Witches NEO! - XBLA Release Date

Noticed on Andriasang today this article stating the release date for the XBLA game Trouble Witches NEO!

Due to hit XBLA on the 27th April it will cost 800MS, and also announced is that there will be downloadable content (for the character shown below). I can't seem to find any information as of yet as to how much the DLC will cost or whether it would be free...(

Check out the official website for the game here.


  1. People argue that the era of video games is advancing and all, but the truth is that we are back to the days where a guys gets off his jobs, and has to pay to have his fun with an underage girl dressed in stranges clothes.

  2. LOL! Yeah i know what you mean, it seems like alot of Japanese devs target this demographic nowadays...

    Kind of understandable as i guess the lolicon crowd are probably the ones buying games as well.

    Not that i really agree with it though.

  3. I remember that I used to completely hate moeblob designs to the point where when faced to them I would literally bitchslap someone.... But after years, years, years and years of over exposure, recently I found that I'm "ok" or perhaps better said "neutral" about them as long as they are well achieved....

    I don't see that as progress, a maturing phase or a better increase in tolerance; to simply put it "I'm just being corrupted" (屮゜Д゜)屮 maybe in 20 years I'll droll to badly drawn middle school girls.... Such a frightening thought.

    BTW; kinda OT yet, I already spoke of this in [url=]Some other place[/url], but we have that SNK is going to release a "pachinslot simulator app" from their game "七色未来" (Nanairo Mirai, "Future Rainbow" (I think)). The original machine basically was a ground breaking glorified pachinko machine, with dactyl(! I mean, touch) screen, cinema displays, LCD quality screen & cheezy voice acting with alternative paths lying all over the place (a combo pretty much never seen in the industry before).

    As I said in the cafe, the cinema quality & orientation + storyline + the budget used for the game leads me to believe just how good would be what would SNK do if they could actually focus most of their resources for evil purposes (that would be GAMES) (Supposedly most of their big investors are from the pachinko side). If anything I found Future Rainbow to be quite interesting.... Except for the pachinko part :P

    I have absolutely no clue on how the [url=]APP[/url] is supposed to work.

  4. haha the only loli characters i can really put up with is in shmups. I still refuse to play Arcana Heart because of the designs.

    That Nanairo game has actually already been out on the iPhone for quite a while now, i thought about getting it but seemed like a waste of money/time to get Japanese iTunes points for one game.

    If i can find some cheap/easy way of shipping i wanna try and get ahold of one of their KOF pachislot machines one of these days.