Monday, 4 April 2011

Ultimate Clash 7 - KOF02UM

This event will be held this month on the 17th April, no note yet as to what time the KOF02UM will start yet, but the opening and close times are listed on NeoEmpire.

The actual tournament itself will be run by Orochinagi's Gunsmith.

Not too sure if i will attend yet, as previously mentioned i haven't played for a while (maybe over a month now), but i'm considering it.

As you may or may not know the last Ultimate Clash KOF tournament (UCX) was won by Bata (see video below):

And before that i won (UC4):

So i may have to turn up to defend my title...(or i could just hide at home and be the retired UK champion lol).

Anyway keep an eye out on Orochinagi as i'm sure Gunsmith will be recording the matches.

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