Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Walnut Consolized MVS system

 Saw this on Joystiq just now. Apparently a company called Analogue Interactive is due to start shipping a consolized MVS system (in May 2011) made to resemble the shape of a Neo Geo AES home system, but instead of the sleek black plastic the AES is made of this will instead be made of walnut (they explain the reasoning for this on the design section of their website).

For those who do not know what a consolized MVS system is, it's basically taking the MVS system and modifying it so you can play it on your TV at home (just like a games console :P ).

It's a cheaper alternative to collecting Neo Geo carts considering some AES homecarts can cost up to 10 times more than the MVS arcade cart.

At US $649 it's pretty expensive, but it's still pretty cool that there are people out there creating 'new' Neo Geo goods.

Anyway check out Analogue Interactive's website for more details and to preorder.


  1. damn .. people were complaining that the ps3 was expensive on launch day :)) .cool stuff but man that is one expensive console

  2. Haha i suppose i can kind of understand the price tag as custom built joysticks command a pretty hefty price, just not a price i would personally pay (or could afford lol).

    It is very cool though, pretty much has every feature you could want out of a MVS system.

  3. This is good at least for that price you can play the arcade cartridges. Well there are some news about kof XIII arrival to consoles. According to a french source the official announcement can come very soon. Details here. Take care.


  4. The thing with the price is i understand kind of why it does cost that much, as the shell is all made of wood, and does come with alot of features.

    But you can normally get a CMVS built for less than half the price, or even a SuperGun setup. (You could also buy an arcade machine for that price lol. )

    I got my CMVS built for £100, not quite as stylish as this one though. :P

    Thanks for the link, i saw it a few days ago. :)

  5. I have this feeling that Walnut is not going to handle nicely overheating (unlike the original board) but to be honest that contraption looks cool as hell.

  6. Apparently it has vents on the bottom of it (though i'm not sure how that helps considering heat rises iirc...lol).

    There was a thread i found randomly on Neo-Geo.com where the maker was talking about ventilation but i can't seem to remember how i found the thread now =_=

  7. -I got my CMVS built for £100-
    Is there a site or a friend made it for you.In any case i would be interested in one myself :D

  8. I got mine built from a friend, i haven't seen him in a while though so i'm not sure i can really recommend him to you.

    I know that you can buy them on eBay, and some users on NTSC-UK.co.uk also build them.

    A SuperGun might be a better option if you wanted to play other arcade boards, i still need to get around to buying one so i can buy Buriki One xD

  9. supergun is a good option - gotta start saving up some moneys :)