Sunday, 22 May 2011

Akodet's Photos and Info, KOFXIII In Replay Games [Bangor, Northern Ireland]

Some more information has been posted up on NeoEmpire's forums regarding the KOFXIII arcade board, which has recently been put into Replay Games in Northern Ireland, this time by user Akodet. He has also kindly posted up information about how to get to there for anyone who is interested in visiting.

Mostly copy-pasted from This post, but King of Fighters XIII (ver1.1) is available to play in Replay Games in Bangor. For anyone wondering, it's 50p a credit and it's on a prototype Delta 32 cabinet with stock parts (Sanwa JLW and OBSF-30s I think. Whatever they are, still very much playable).

COPY-PASTE: As for coming over, I have absolutely no clue about Bangor but I asked Gareth (the store's owner) about it and he said there are plenty of cheap b+b's in the area around his shop, located here. The only thing I can suggest is getting a flight to Belfast City Airport and hopping on the train from Sydenham to Bangor central. The journey is only about 20minutes and lands you on Main Street, around the corner and up the road from Replay. For anyone interested he also has SSF4: AE and CS, but not CS2 yet.

Video! Excuse the bad play since the people who are in the vid don't play KoF, short video, shaky cam and bad accents.

Also from what i understand this cabinet is shared between KOFXIII and SSF4AE, so you have to ask the owner to change between the games, though this arrangement is much better than Casino (London) which has 6 SSF4AE cabinets and a grand total of 0 KOFXIII cabs...

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