Thursday, 12 May 2011

Art of Fighting Anime [1993]

Whilst bored earlier today i went off to Youtube to search for some Art of Fighting videos to pass some time and came across this anime movie.

I very vaguely remember reading about it a while ago but never set out looking for it to watch, and after watching it i kinda wished i hadn't

The story has barely anything to do with the Art of Fighting games, instead the plot revolves around a stolen diamond with Art of Fighting characters thrown in. They didn't even really bother keeping characters the same either, Ryo has brown hair and spends his days trying to catch missing cats and Ryuuhaku Todo is a crazy policeman!

It's kinda weird as i read on Wikipedia it was produced by the same studio that made the Fatal Fury animated movies, and the first two of those movies were actually pretty good. (The third was ok, but pretty weird...)

Not one Haoh Sho Koh Ken throughout the movie, no Mr.Karate and King's clothes never exploded into nothingness :(

Pretty dissapointing, though only a short movie (about 40 minutes).

You can check it out below for yourself, it was uploaded by Youtube user SupremeJudge. If you check out his channel you can see more SNK related videos.


  1. From the whole lot of Bad video game ~ anime versions that are out there the AoF one is obviously among the lowered ranked ones when it comes to quality, it's just hideous.

    I remember speaking about the anime not that long ago somewhere (probably the Cafe) and several interesting comments poped up about the movie, such as :

    "It doesn't matter how bad you remember this one to be, once you rewatch it you'll notice that it was worse than what you thought".

    "Being caught seeing this thing is more embarrassing that being caught red handed watching hardcore BDSM furry porn by your parents"

    "It's like a rejected script of City Hunter with AoF characters pasted in and no quality"

    BTW, I recommend watching the Azura Zanmaden ova (Samurai 64 one). The ova has the defect of technically not having any plot (it's a link between SS64 and Warriors Rage, thus makes no sense if you don't know the stories of the 2 games well); but the production values of the ova were amazing.

    I haven't watched the Nakoruru OVA even though "I can", so I don't know if it's good or bad.

  2. haha yeah it really is one of the worst game to anime, i thought it might have been loosely based on the game. By the time Todo came out as a policeman i gave up

    It's strange though as AoF as a game probably has the most dialogue in any of the early SNK games, so it shouldn't have been difficult to make into an anime.

    At many points i was just wondering 'are they just taking the piss??'.

    I actually completely forgot about the Samsho animes, i've seen the first one years ago but can barely remember it.

    I have the Asure Zanmaden ovas on VCD, i'm not familiar with the stories of the games though. I had a look at the discs yesterday and noticed i bought ones that only have Japanese voice and Chinese subs so back when i watched it i probably didn't understand much anyway haha.

    Gonna have to youtube it later to see if there's an English subbed version floating around somewhere.

    I didn't know there was a Nakoruru ova though, i'll have to check that one out.