Monday, 2 May 2011

Blog Design Updates

I've been holding off updating the template for this blog for a while, as i always felt the original design held a more personal design, but i've finally caved in and decided to update it to one of the newer templates to improve functionality.

At the moment many of the new tabs for the pages under the header lead to 'test pages' as it takes me quite a long time to update each individual thing, and i'm back to work tomorrow so it may be another few weeks before i get it all completed.

Almost everything i've previously had in the side bar will be eventually moved into the tabs, i did want to keep some of the items in the side bar but i can't figure out where to put the html into the template. (Every time i try it either gives me an error or doesn't show up at all...)

Hopefully it makes the blog more easy to navigate (and to find information), any opinions of the update or if you notice any errors please feel free to leave a comment.

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