Thursday, 12 May 2011

Blog updates

Just to note i've updated a few pages today.

KOF[UK Vids]
I've added the videos i could find back to 2008, with the 98UM vids there are quite a few missing ones as these were hosted on other people's Youtube channels. There is still some information missing for a few of the KOFXII ranking battles as the ranking battles forums on NeoEmpire was deleted at some point during their upgrade to the forums, i might still have a few of the details somewhere on my laptop but im not 100% sure about this.
I still need to add a couple of the major tournaments, i think for KOF98UM at Rebirth and KOF02 at Super VS Battle 2007. (Just need to find them.)

NeoGeo Station Walkthroughs
I've added pretty much all of the ones on SNKPlaymore's youtube channel to date, there's a couple i haven't added as they were pretty obscure things (like SuperSidekick's side attack video, or Baseball Professional's Demon Ball).

I think the only page i haven't worked on at all yet is the About page, i'll try to get that done at some point over the weekend possibly. But aside from that most of this blog site should be pretty much functional now. :)

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