Wednesday, 25 May 2011

COMBOMETRO's Combo Videos / Kizuna Encounter

I've just been looking at some old posts in the SNKPlaymore subforums on NeoEmpire and came across some combo videos from about 5 years ago for various SNK games on combometro's channel.

First up is for Real Bout 2:

KOF 96/97/98:

KOF NeoWave / Neo Geo Battle Colliseum:

Some of the combos featured are situation/character specific, but it's always pretty cool to see what is possible in games given the right circumstances. (Though not quite as extreme as the Tool Assisted videos i've watched recently.)

If you're interested there are a few more combo videos for some other SNK games on combometro's channel

Also not quite related but i was looking on Youtube and Nico Video earlier for match videos of Kizuna Encounter, as i've always been interested in this game but missed out on it when it was originally released and came across a few matches.

Strangely even on Nico Video i couldn't seem to find many (though i'm not sure if i'm searching for it correctly, '風雲スーパータッグバトル' is what i used to search).

I did however find one set on DarkGeese's channel:

And another set on acidglow's channel:

From what little i've dabbled in this game in the past (versus cpu), i thought it was a really fun game to play. When previously discussing KOFXI/XII with other players in the past i had always hoped they would adopt a similar system to this game when making XII (if they had kept the tag system in the game).

It's a shame we'll never know what they could have done to the tag system or where that could have gone, even though i am kinda glad they brought back the old style 3 on 3 in XII and XIII.

I do find it quite odd there are not more tournament videos for Kizuna on Youtube/Nico, maybe i'm just not looking hard enough, as i think it's one of those games that is a bit underrated.
Hopefully though at some point it'll make it into the Neo Geo Station line up, i just hope that wait won't be too long.

I actually had the chance to buy it on MVS quite a few times in the past couple of years for fairly cheap but kept putting it off...Kinda regretting that now...As my only immediate access to the game currently would be emulation... =_=

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