Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cool Soul - Rage of The Dragons (Unselected Combos) / May Lee videos

Youtube user kofplayer has just uploaded a new video (originally from Cool Soul) which is a short combo video featuring Rage of The Dragons. It's always great to see stuff regarding this game, as i've always quite liked it, just a shame not many people were willing to try it out when it was in Casino.

The character designs in this game are great, and having a connection to the Double Dragon games (one of my favourite beat em ups) makes it all that much better.

On a semi related note i remember rumours of Billy from this game being on the unused character data for KOFXII, though there is also speculation that it might be Billy Kane instead. Although he would not be my first choice of character from RoTD it would be great to see a representative for the game in a KOF.

Something else i came across last night were a few old videos of May Lee on Youtube user hiuhiulop's channel, in the original KOF02, kicking some ass.

I've been kinda interested in learning this character recently so it was good to see how some players use her. As honestly the character confuses me, since she isn't as 'pick up and play' friendly like the characters i normally pick.

Finally is a tutorial for using May Lee in 02UM from HexElf's channel, which i'm gonna be sure to watch properly when i get some time later tonight.

From what i have seen of it so far it explains (with notations) alot of what she can do regarding Hero Cancelling, the properties of her moves, as well as combos.

Check it out below:


Another Cool Soul combo vid has been uploaded just now too, once again featuring RoTD, this time showcasing 100% combos for each of the default teams.


  1. Supposedly the deal was as follows:

    - During the early development stages of the game SNK advertised that KoF XII would have a surprise character from a surprise game, just like XI did with Gai & Hayate.

    - KoF XII development went on and on, and things got better, bad & messier internally and SNK finally decided to round off the game and launch it, when fan questioned who was the surprise guy SNK said "well, we have Raiden".

    - KoF XII on xbald got "analyzed" to said the least, and the character folders on it hinted on "Billy", so by using the evidence of "surprise guy from surprise game" plus the fact that KoF XII was released before SNK could complete what they originally intended with it, it's easy to say "Rage of the Dragons". It should be noted that the game is copyrighted to "Evoga" even though it was developed by a sub studio of SNK (Noise Factory).

    If it was to be Billy Lewis and if he actually pops up in (hopely) a future update then that's pretty much a huge bloody deal, as it would open the possibility of SNK borrowing characters from other (small) franchises to KoF.

  2. Thanks for the details, i had only ever read bits and pieces (and the webpage with the unused data) so was never really sure where the information came from.

    I hope they do end up including him as well, as much as it's nice for them to create completely new characters they have so many to choose from in their back catalogue it's kind of unnecessary to create so many.

    I remember reading they own the rights to ADK and Data East's (or at least Fighter's History) characters as well.

    It was pretty cool seeing those characters in XI but i never liked that game enough...and they left out so many other characters it was kind of annoying.

  3. ADK is there for SNK to use, that's not questionable.

    Data East case was a little bit special, SNK spoke with the holder of the copyrights for Data East (I can't recall the name right now) and made a deal for a "one time use trade". SNK could use Mizoguchi for Maximum Impact and Data East could use Fatal Fury Special characters for the ubber weird cellphone game Fighter's Story vs Garou Densetsu (the logo was a bull and a wolf), try to google it if you are curious).

    In order to use Mizoguchi (or more) again and to use him (them) periodically, a new contract should be revised.

  4. For some reason i always thought they bought the rights to FH. Damn, that's a real missed opportunity if they only opted to use Mizoguchi for KOF:MI.

    I remember reading a little bit about the Garou VS FH cellphone, but totally forgot about it. After looking at the screenshots, it doesn't look too bad. (Bit strange, but kinda cool.)

    It's a shame SNKP didn't decide to make a full blown game out of it, even something designed for portable consoles couldn't have required that much work...

    Would have been an interesting crossover.