Thursday, 19 May 2011

ElectricPig's Review Of The Walnut CMVS / Krauser in KOFXIII???

Saw this via AnalogueInteractive's Facebook page, a review has been posted up on Electric Pig of the Walnut CMVS unit as well as a video demonstration of it.

Check out the full review over on ElectricPig's website here, which also includes loads of photos and a brief history of the Neo Geo.

Also something interesting i saw over on Orochinagi is this picture of Krauser 'in KOFXIII'.

Looks kinda fake to me, and i'm not sure of the original source, but would be fairly amusing to be able to use Krauser again.


  1. Fake, sprite make on mugenchina forum

  2. ahh i thought so, thanks for confirming :)