Tuesday, 24 May 2011

ESRB Ratings More Games Coming To NeoGeo Station ??

Saw this on DreamCancel just now that KOF95 has been rated by the ESRB for the PSP/PS3/Wii, which should hopefully mean the next wave of Neo Geo Station games should be on their way soon.

I believe the Wii version was actually already released (via Virtual Console, and Orochi Collection) quite a while ago, and 95 has been available on the PSP via the Orochi Collection. The PS3 version is available currently in Japan via the PS1 Classics series, which i'm hoping this will not be the rating for, it would be quite silly if they released that version now...

I was just thinking it would be great if they started releasing the World Heroes games, and a quick browse through the ESRB and i also found World Heroes to be also rated for the PS3/PSP too.

I've tried searching the site for some of the sequels of the other titles already on Neo Geo Station, but currently cannot find anything else.

Edit: Also seen via Joystiq, Marvin's Maze a 1983 SNK Classic has also been rated for PSP and PS3, i'm not too familiar with this title personally as i would have been only 1 years old when it was released lol.

Check out this video i found of it on Youtube, via oldclassicgame's channel:

Edit 2:

I've had a better look through the ESRB website, searching for the publisher 'SNK Corporation of America' and found some more titles.

Nothing too exciting in the fighting game side of things, from what i have seen the next wave of speculated NGS titles other than the ones mentioned should be:

Ozma Wars, Puzzled, Vanguard, and Sasuke VS Commander.

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