Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fast Striker [iPhone/iPod Touch] - A Quick Look

Decided to buy Fast Striker for my iPod Touch just a moment ago, as i can't afford to buy the MVS cart and not particularly interested in owning it on the Dreamcast, but for £1.79 on the iPod i thought why not?

As you can see above i've embedded a video i recorded earlier, but it's pretty blurry...(If you wanna check out a clear video, there's this one of the mvs version from the NGDEVTEAM Youtube Channel.)

So far my thoughts of the game are fairly positive, i'm still not sure how to play properly yet, but it controls pretty well and is pretty fun.

I'm not particularly sure how accurate a port it is or any differences to the MVS/Dreamcast versions as i've never played those versions.

There are four modes of difficulty Novice, Original, Maniac, and Omake. So far i've only played Original and Maniac modes, and from what i've seen so far choosing each mode will present you with a slightly different set of system mechanics. For example Maniac mode you have a chain bar which goes down when you're not shooting anything whereas Original just counts everything you kill and icons you pick up.

There's also two different screen modes you can choose (either vertically or horzontally), i chose to play with the default screen as the vertical mode gives you a smaller viewing area. (Since the game was designed for a horizontal screen.)

Compared to the other shmups on the iPhone i would say it's not quite as good as the Cave games but at £1.79 it's well worth checking out, particularly if you like shmups.

There's still quite a few things i need to discover in the game myself, as i've literally only been playing it for about 15minutes, and need to spend a bit more time with it.

So far the highest i've scored on the Maniac leaderboard is 31st place, hoping to get a bit better by the end of today, but on the Original scoreboard i don't even rank in lol. You can check out the web based ranking boards here.

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