Friday, 6 May 2011

KOF Cup 2011 [Mexico] - KOF02 Finals Vids

Dark Geese has been uploading loads of videos from the KOF Cup 2011 event he held in Mexico this past March, and has now finished uploading the finals for the KOF02 tournament.

There's some really great play in these vids, very fast and aggressive, in particular i think the Angel in these vids are probably the best i've ever seen used in 2002.

A Japanese player, Hummer, was invited to this tournament where he played first to 10s with the local players as well as entered the 02 tournament.

Vids for the KOF02 games featuring Hummer (as well as interviews) can be found on Dark Geese's Youtube Channel as well as the various other side tournaments and casuals that were held from this event. (Games include SvC, KOFXI, KOF98UM, KOF02UM)

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