Saturday, 28 May 2011

KOF02UM - XBLA Online Casuals : KusoGaki vs chihuahuakof

chihuahuakof sent me a message earlier today on Youtube asking me to play some games with him on 02UM via XBLA. Though we played a bit later than originally planned, as i went to the MCM Expo, we got in about an hours worth of games.

I believe he is based in Mexico (at least according to his Youtube channel) so there was a bit of lag on my side but he is very good and beat me down quite badly.

Particularly i liked his play with Kim, Clark and Daimon.

I'm uploading the matches now to my Youtube channel, there are 6 in total, but as of now there is only one which has been uploaded and processed.

As i mentioned i went to the MCM expo today, unfortunately didn't get the chance to get any photos as i turned up to the event quite late and spent most of my time trying to find something to buy.

I did see a few KOF cosplays though, there was one girl who did a Mai cosplay that i really liked but i couldn't get close enough to get a photo the first time i saw her and then couldn't find her again T_T ...

I might go again tomorrow (if i can wake up early enough) so if i do i'll be on the lookout for KOF cosplays again.

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