Saturday, 21 May 2011

KOF96 Neo Geo Collection [Neo Geo CD]

Forgot to post about this yesterday, i came across some videos (from Youtube users Niponware, Proxathanos, and TheWanderingRiot) showing the extra content that came with the Neo Geo Collection version of King of Fighters 96, which was exclusive to the Neo Geo CD.

First the artbook, from Niponware:

The in-game art gallery, from Proxathanos:

And the 'inside story' video showing which explains the story of the Orochi, Yagami and Kusanagi Clans, from TheWanderingRiot:

Kind of seems like a nice package overall, i still don't own a Neo Geo CD console yet myself (even though i own about 15 games for it :-/ ) though i'll probably buy one eventually. Just waiting to see one for 'cheap' on Yahoo Auctions.

There are only very few NGCD exclusive titles, off the top of my head i can only think of ADK World, Neo Geo Special CD, SamSho RPG (though i think this was released on PS1/Saturn), Final Romance 2, and Iron Clad/Chotetsu Brikinger (which was recently released on the Wii's Japanese Virtual Console).

I think there was also a 'limited edition' version of Art of Fighting 3, which i remember being told comes with Robert's coin.

Of them all i'm probably most interesting in ADK World, just because of the Brocken shmup mini game:



  1. The Samurai Showdown RPG does exist on the PS1 & Sega Saturn BUT there are total of 3 stories in the game and each version only has 2 of them. Which means if the 3 stories are A, B & C,

    PS1 has A & B
    Sega Saturn has B & C
    NG CD has A & C

    Kinda dick move if you as me D:

  2. I heard of the ps1 and saturn versions but never knew they split up the stories into 3 parts like that :-/

    I'm still waiting for one of them to be english patched lol