Wednesday, 25 May 2011

KOF97 'Tool Assisted Speed Run'

Another one of these Tool Assisted gameplay videos i came across on Nico Video this time featuring KOF97. This one although not quite as amusing as the previous KOF2000 one, still does have some funny parts in it as well as a few 'wtf' moments.

Haven't played 97 properly for a really long time but still remember the Yamazaki infinite. I never knew B.Mary had off the floor grabs though but i'm a bit unsure how that works (or whether it is normally possibly without tool assistance). 

As with the previous video if you do not have a Nico Video account, you can watch it via MMCafe's Nico Viewer by pasting in this URL :

Nico Video account holders can directly view it here.


  1. Thx for the head ups, these playthroughs and the combo movies were quite enjoyable.