Thursday, 12 May 2011

KOF98UM:FE Tournament vids / KOF02UM VERSUS vids

Just a quick update before i rush off to work.

Saw that SMOAI2010 uploaded some new 98UM:FE tournament vids last night, i've not finished watching these yet but did manage to watch a large majority of them before i went to sleep.

This vid was probably my favourite of them:

Some major ass kicking with Brian, and some clever use of Kim using the Ultimate (EX) bar.
Although i'm not particularly a Kim player, i never really thought about using that max bar as it really helps with his stomp cancels. (Until you get put into red bar at least.)

It's been great watching these vids as i haven't seen much of it since the game was released, also compared to the Tougeki DVD of 98UM there are very few Krausers! (I actually gave up watching the DVD after seeing too many Krauser players.)

Also uploaded this morning are some new videos from the VERSUS tournament held this past Monday.

I noticed Bata's name in the listings but haven't had the time to watch as far as his matches yet.

Check out SMOAI2010's Youtube Channel for more.

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