Tuesday, 17 May 2011

KOF98UM:FE Tournament Vids / World Heroes 'Time Machine' CMV

Another new video 98UM:FE tournament video uploaded today by SMOAI2010, there is just one part uploaded from this tournament as of now.

Kind of amusing watching the second match as i've rarely seen matches where two people use Extra mode, seems kind of like a different game, and a very close match.

Also something i watched last night, is this World Heroes 'Time Machine' combo video uploaded by Youtube user tobemorecrazy, created by Art of Fighting Database.

It's almost 20 minutes long as you can imagine from the title it mainly features World Heroes Perfect, but does also include some combos from KOF, Real Bout, Last Blade and RoTD games.

I had to turn off the sound when watching this though, as the choices of music are not to my taste...But there are some nice combos in there nonetheless.

I've always been quite fond of the World Heroes games, particularly WH2 as i remember playing the arcade machine at the local sweet shop when i was young. It's quite a shame the series was never updated again after Perfect.

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