Monday, 9 May 2011

KOF98UM:FE Tourney Vids

SMOAI2010 has just uploaded a load of new videos of a tournament held on 98UM Final Edition. Judging by the title it seems the tournament may have been run using a player imposed ratio rule set, though i'm not particularly sure why.

I've not worked my way through the entire set of vids yet, as i've not had the time, but matches seem pretty decent so far. It's actually kind of interesting how many players use the Ultimate system it was barely touched by players in the UK, as we all stuck to what we knew and were used to which is the Advance system.

I'm still hoping SNKP will release this version on PS2, like they did with the Tougeki version of 02UM, as i quite enjoyed playing 98UM and still do play it every once in a while.

For those who wanted to check out the rebalances/changes to this version you can read them on SNKPlaymore's Game Blog here and here.

Finally something kinda interesting i randomly came across on eBay  today, which was quite suprising, is that a couple of SNKP collections were released on PC a couple of years back.

At first i thought they were dodgey ROM packs with an emulator on a DVDR (you quite often see these on eBay), but apparently these were published and sold officially by DHM Interactive and Blue Stone Games.

I can only find very tiny details of two collections, Sengoku Anthology and Metal Slug Collection (Both available from Amazon for £9.90). It also seems like Sengoku Anthology was released on PS2 as well, though i believe this may only have been in Mainland Europe as i can't find any signs of it on any UK sites.

Not sure i'd really want to play (or own) either of the collections on a PC, though the PS2 version of Sengoku Anthology would be quite an interesting thing to own.


Just found a review of the PC version of the Sengoku Anthology, the reviewer doesn't sound too impressed. :(


  1. Not sure i'd really want to play (or own) either of the collections on a PC, though the PS2 version of Sengoku Anthology would be quite an interesting thing to own.


    The possibility of playing with Arrange Soundtrack already makes that a worthy purchase (even if you keep on dying on the first stage). So skip lunch for 2 weeks if you have to and get them.

    BTW SMOAI should be uploading more 98FE vids soon, as that batch includes only up to the top 16 I think, while the original source (nico nico) has the tournament completely uploaded

  2. I thought they were straight ports, where did you read they have an arrange soundtrack ??

    Good stuff, there has been a bit of a lack of 98UMFE stuff on youtube since the game came out. Almost started to forget about it already lol.

    Just a damn shame no console version has been announced yet.

  3. Well, for Metal Slug collection PC some of the menus seem to be copipasted from the Metal Slug Anthology, which added the AST; so I assumed that collection was anthology tweaked to run on the pc.

    ... Well, also, the games wouldn't be enough to fill DVD rom space otherwise.

  4. Ahh, i wasn't aware the console versions of Metal Slug Anthology had an AST. I bought the Wii version a couple of years back, but barely touched it. (As i only really like Metal Slug X.)

    I'm not sure about the Sengoku Anthology though, i tried to look up the publishers and it either gave me no information or very tiny details.
    So i think they must be small companies, not sure if they would have added much in the way of extras.

    At some point i may just end up buying it out of curiousity lol.