Thursday, 19 May 2011

KOFXI Match Video & Kyo Character Demonstration

Two new videos just uploaded by SMOAI2010. This time featuring KOFXI, which oddly enough i just picked up a Japanese copy of recently and have been playing a little bit, so was of interest to me.

The first is a match video between URashia and TORI, with some crazy juggling with Vanessa and Oswald.
Not too much of a fan of the system in this game, i've actually only played it on the 3on3 mode since i started playing the console version, the juggling and quick shift stuff is a bit too crazy for my liking.

Next up is a pretty long video, just over an hour demonstrating Kyo's different moves, set ups, and combos. I'm probably not gonna be able to watch the whole video tonight but i did see some interesting stuff in there, like how you can be turned around in the corner after a throw.

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