Wednesday, 18 May 2011

KOFXIII Arcade Cabinet v.1.1 In Ireland??

Just saw this post over on NeoEmpire's forums regarding a possible KOFXIII cabinet in Ireland from user Yreval.

Was informed by Gareth from Replay Games at tonight's Dragonslayers that they have SSF4 AE and KOF XIII (version 1.1).

Not too fussed about AE since we all know it's coming out in a few weeks, but KOF XIII, about ten miles from where I live, before the console version is even officially announced, is a pretty big deal as far as I'm concerned.

Presumably this means we'll be able to play them at Q-Con too, as Replay Games bring a few cabinets along each year.

If true this is the first XIII cabinet to land in the UK, and hopefully we'll be seeing a new scene for KOF in Ireland.

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