Friday, 20 May 2011

KOFXIII - Fan Sprite Edits

As noted to me yesterday on one of the comments the previous Krauser 'screenshot' was actually a fan edit originating i believe to be from a post on KOF Union from 2010.

I've just had a quick skim through the thread and found these other KOF fan edits:

 Yagami Team:

This last one although it looks like an edit of Shen Woo, i believe it is actually a tribute of sorts to the unused character shown in the KOFXII Japanese Guide. (Please see blurry photo below)

It's kind of a shame these edits will never appear in the game, as some of them are actually quite good, also after seeing the Kusanagi edit it reminded me that i always did wonder as well why the Kyo clone trio didn't make it into KOFXII as i believe it wouldn't have been that much more work for them to draw a few more frames for them.
And i've always liked the Another Iori costume from KOF2000 too.

Finally just for laughs, this set of pictures i saw in someone's avatar/signature on KOF Union.

If you check out the thread on KOF Union you can see a couple of other non KOF edits.


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  2. Thanks for the link, that last one in the first post of Ash is brilliant! LOL