Monday, 30 May 2011

Last Blade TRF Tournament

Giby has just uploaded a set of Last Blade videos from a tournament held in TRF, the date is marked '5/26/10' but i'm not sure whether that's a typo and it was actually this year or not ?

Quite crazy watching this game in high level play, i've dabbled on it in the arcade in the past and at home on MVS cart, but never knew about some of the stuff i've seen in these vids.

Particularly the Zantetsu knife bounce thing is pretty dirty...Though i still found all of the matches very enjoyable to watch. Reminds me though i still need to go back and watch the Last Blade tournament from Total Eclipse of SNK.

Following on from what i said last night, i went to the MCM Expo again today but couldn't find that goddamn Mai cosplay again...I did see a Kim Kaphwan playing on the console version of SSF4:AE though...Didn't take a photo as you can imagine why... :-/

Didn't see anything else KOF/SNK related so just bought some One Piece goods from the store (with a gorgeous blonde girl) i usually buy things from every MCM Expo. (Who now have an online store @

On a semi related note i managed to get my friend to win me some stuff on Yahoo Auctions, i think he's coming back to London at the end of July so i'll start another series of 'Old SNK Goods', there's quite a few nice SNK keyrings in the lot.

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  1. In that keyring lot, I see the mary keychain i've been hunting for for years. Any chance you'd be willing to sell or trade it to a guy in the united states?