Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Old SNK Goods From Japan - Pt.4 - Gamest The Mystery of '....' Books

Soooooo to continue at the look at the various things my friend picked me up from Japan, the next part is this set of books published by Gamest. The title of each book is the subject matter, followed by 'the mystery of'.

Each of these books he picked up from Book Off (which is a second hand book store) so they only cost about 100Y each lol. 

These books, from what i can figure out, are basically about various oddities and points of interest regarding the subject matter. Being incredibly Japanese intensive, there isn't a great deal of detail i can say about these books.

The first of the three books is 'The Mystery of Garou Densetsu', it seems to be about Fatal Fury 1,2 and possibly Special judging on the content.

Various subject matters within the book range from things like 'Where is the train Terry is on going to??', 'The secret of Geese Howard's mother', and 'The mystery of Mai's special moves'.(None of which i can read the answers to lol...)

I'm unsure whether or not the answers provided are serious answers or jokes, but it must make for an interesting read if you can understand. 

One of the things i did quite like about the books (and all i really can enjoy out of them) are some of the little drawings are great, throughout the book there are loads of little chibi style drawings. I'm not too sure who the artist is but the art style looks familiar somehow.

Right at the end of the book it has signatures from all of the characters in the game.

Next up is 'The Mystery of Garou Densetsu 3'.

This one has little 'cut out' characters of Mai and Blue Mary on the inside sleeve, and compared to the previous book has slightly more images/illustrations.

Finally is 'Mystery of Ryuuko No Ken'.

I quite liked the above image xD

Apologies for the lack of information in this entry about these books, though as i mentioned they are pretty Japanese language intensive so there's really not much i can explain about them. I probably should get around to learning Japanese one of these days...

Finally to end of this entry is an image from one of the books showing some of the other books in the series.

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