Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Old SNK Goods From Japan - Pt.5 - Dengeki CD Bunko - Best Game Collection - KOF94

Part 5 of this look at the old SNK goods i got brought from Japan, this time i'm looking at the Dengeki CD Bunko King of Fighters '94. I was particularly excited when my friend showed me this on MSN as it is a book and CD set and only cost 100Y from a car boot sale. For some reason i thought it was A4 sized when he showed me the photo of it, though it in reality is only about A5 sized.

First thing i'm going to look at  is the book in this set, which is titled All About King of Fighters '94, but has no relation (that i know of) to the actual All About King of Fighters 94 book.

This book is actually not that full of content as the title would lead you to believe, as you can see from the contents page below there are only four sections (Illustrations, Illustration column, character introduction, and comics).

First is the Illustrations section, which covers only Team Japan, Team England, and Team Mexico...I'm not particularly familiar with any of the artists whose illustrations are featured but the below artist's style (Masami Obari) looks a bit familiar.

Of all the illustrations in this section this one below is probably my favourite, for some reason Takuma seems to be choking a chicken...Whether or not he is choking THE chicken i'll let you decide...lol.
I actually kind of wonder whether the artist is aware of the meaning.

And just because this picture is all kinds of awesome, here is another slightly bigger one. 

The Characters Introduction section is pretty much just a profile section showing all the teams in the game, along with the boss Rugal. 

The final section contains a few comic strips, the first set featuring Team Japan with Goro Daimon being the joke of each short comic and having the crap kicked out of him by his fellow team mates for being an idiot. 

The last comic strip is a 15 page comic about Team Korea.

The CD of this set is well presented but not quite as exciting as i would have thought, it is pretty much just a drama CD and not knowing very much Japanese i turned it off after listening to it for a couple of minutes. 

It seems to be about a few of the teams and the events surrounding them leading up to the KOF94 tournament. 

All in all although it was not quite as good as i had imagined, even though it is still kind of nice to own, i probably wouldn't have been particularly impressed if i had paid it's original retail price for it though (Y3800!!).

I've uploaded a rip of the drama CD to mediafire in case anyone wanted to check it out, you can download that here. Enjoy!

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