Monday, 16 May 2011

Real Bout 2 - TRF Beginner/Intermediate Tournament Vids

Youtube user linnesaka has uploaded some new Real Bout 2 tournament videos from a tournament held in TRF earlier this month.

Haven't had a chance to watch it fully yet, as i've had a bit of a busy day today, haven't even had the chance to re-edit the missing page content from Blogger's roll back the other day yet...

Something interesting i did find and had a quick look through from linnesaka's youtube channel is his website Get In The Ring.

If you look in the character data section of this site it actually shows the different combo charts and hit boxes for every character.

The website is all in Japanese but it pretty much has the information you would need to learn all the basics of the game, so is really worth checking out if you want to pick up this game (or maybe like me, learn something new).

I've also read about some kind of script you can use within mame for viewing hitbox data in KOF games, but haven't had the chance to try it out myself as of yet.

You can read about and check that out in this post on Dream Cancels forums.

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