Saturday, 7 May 2011

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - TRF Tournament Vids

Youtube user Giby (who i think is also the owner of has uploaded quite a few tournament videos of Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 held in TRF in Japan.

I've embedded the first set of vids, which are from the 19th April, as i've only had the time to watch these two so far but if you check out Giby's Youtube channel you can find two more sets of tournament vids. (a 2v2 tourney and another singles one.)

There are some great matches in these vids, a crazy headspin combo by a player using Bob Wilson, and alot of the cast are being used which makes it an interesting watch.

Sadly though no Mai players in this set of vids, as i use her as my main character in this game, though it's always great to see videos of this game as it's my favourite of the Fatal Fury series.

I've always had quite fond memories of playing this game back when Namco Wonderpark was still open (over 10 years ago lol...), so it's always great to see there are people still out there playing it. (There are also players on DreamCancel who still play it too!)

I managed to buy the MVS cart of it a couple of years ago, but still haven't played any human competition since over 10 years ago...Quite sad as i think it's a very underrated game and more people should play or at least try it.

It's one of my most wanted games for SNKP to release on the Neo Geo Station service!


  1. There is some very interesting playing there, though the participants aren't as cool and flashy as the guys from "I'm no boy" crew.

    Fatal Fury games are quite fun in general and are much better than KoF if you consider only "balance" over all; within them the Real Bout games are quite interesting games to touch. If you act like RBSpecial doesn't exist (like you should), then you'll notice that the games are huge to explore and include several things and details for the player to notice and aim for while playing. Real Bout 2 ups the game by having quite the broad unexplored field in there (just like AoF3 every ENG existent movelist is just not complete. And players aren't even aware that they are not complete).

  2. Are there any particular players i should be keeping an eye out for from the I'm Not Boy tourneys?

    I watched a couple of matches from one of those tournies on Soh85's channel earlier today, good stuff. Thanks for letting me know about it.

    The thing about the Fatal Fury games is i only started getting into the SNK scene kinda late (around KOF97). Before RB2 my experience of the FF games was pretty much only trying out FF1/2 on the SNES around a friend's house and that was about it.

    Although i own pretty much the whole series now (minus RBS lol), every time i sit down and try to play the older ones i always end up turning on KOF not long after.

    Strangely though RBS is pretty popular here with alot of the old school SNK players. I think this is mainly because an official SNK tournament was held here though.

  3. When advising Real Bout 2 players the first name that pops up into my head is Gami Gami (ガミガミ) His win rate isn't exactly thrilling nor anything but he uses a very handsome palette of characters and pretty much used everyone in a very interesting way; those characters include Rick, Xiang Fei, Yamazaki & Blue Mary (the last 3 are pretty much within what I would call "the most interesting" gameplay wise in the game).

    There is was this guy who mained Mai and played a great game, but he didn't had that many videos uploaded, but I think I never got his names.

    BTW, you might have missed certain posts, but RB2 is this game that every so months or so I go back and say "I have to see the game" and thus ended up seeing a lot of videos and archiving a lot of things, you might refer for my "researchs" over here.
    (Mmcafe post)
    (Post(s) within the Orochinagi thread)

    It should be noted that I took work on gathering the vids from different channels and thus tracing the youtube users open the possibility of seeing more fights and stuff about the game. The channel that I refer to in the last Orochinagi post seems to be connected to the "I'm no boy" crew (it's a japanese channel), and it's footage had me something like 4 nights sitting there, seeing vids.

    The older Fatal Fury games are fun and all, but as of todays standards they are an horrible experience from the single player point of view. 1 & 2 are reasonably easy to clear, but even then the over~usage of "game clear routines" can get the best of you unless you are mentally prepared for them. The worst part is that if you weren't in "the wave" of the games back then, then you most likely don't even know the "game clear routines" needed to survive and enjoy the games... Just like any other fighter, in the end when it comes to VS experience, FFS is the best and is best served with company ->

  4. Thanks for the links, i will definitely be checking those out when i get the chance to. (Hopefully tonight)

    Yeah definitely, i've not actually finished any of the older FF games as of yet. With the first game i could get to Geese, with special i dont think i even made it up to Geese/Krauser.

    I've watched the 'method' posted by SNKP on how to beat Geese in FF1, so next time i fire it up i'm gonna give it a try.

    As you say though with those games as i pretty much missed out on them, my knowledge of how to play them is very thin.

    I actually own a couple of Mooks about the older games, though i can't actually read enough Japanese to make use of them xD

    AoF is another one of them i would love to learn but compared to modern games its bloody crazy to play.