Friday, 27 May 2011

Sky Love 3 [Pachislot]

SNKPlaymore has just opened up a new website for their new pachislot machine Sky Love 3, though probably not of much interest to all of us outside of Japan who cannot play it...So far the site only has the main page, so nothing much to see.

Though if you go to the website of the previous game in the series you can find the movie page, which has some demonstration videos of how that machine works to get an idea of maybe how this one would be like.

I've personally always been a little obsessed with the idea of pachislot and pachinko as the the idea of game brands, 'gambling', and flashing machines in one machine is quite appealing. 

On a semi related note you may or may not know the Fatal Fury pachislot machine actually features an original character, Alice, who was later also brought into the Days Of Memories games.

Apparently this character may have been inspired by the character Alice Chrysler, who i believe is actually in the background of the Korea stage in 02UM.

Only one pachi machine that i know of was ported to the iPhone [Japan Only], Nanairo Mirai, though in Japan there are quite a few on the mobile phone services. (Including Fatal Fury Special, Last Blade, and Metal Slug.)

I'd love to own one of the SNKP pachislot machines one day as a collectors item, as well as a Neo 19 cabinet, just need to figure out a clever way of shipping one from Japan...


  1. I doubt that the Alice cousing of Terry was the "inspiration" for the Taekwondo Alice, after all that Alice first shows up in Real Bout Special ('96 I think), she is there if Kim gets a SSS victory (or was it perfect, I can't recall); it was the same as Hwa Jai popping up to do a pose with Joe in that very same game.

    Arrghh... I can't find an online gif of the victory pose right now I remember even stumbling on it while watching combo vids :P I must have it within that 200gigas or something of gif and pics that I have, which I doubt I can easily browse in a short time :P.

  2. I mean the other way around lol, the Taekwondo Alice character is supposedly the inspiration for the Terry cosplay Alice. (At least that's what it says on the SNK Wiki.)

    It's a shame neither has ever been put into a KOF game, would have been interesting if they made another Gals Fighters game.