Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Some Background Info On Replay Games [Bangor,Northern Ireland]

This was actually posted two days ago, didn't notice it until just now, but the owner of Replay Games left a small message with some background information about the store on NeoEmpire's forums.

Hey guys, nice to see some enthusiam 

To give you some background we're a gaming and hobby store here in Northern Ireland and we've been going since 1997. The day we opened I had a Dr Who Pinball and Woody cab with WWF Wrestlefest and a 36" CRT widescreen beast of a machine with Tekken 3 running in it. Our ethos was to not only be a shop but a destination and to achieve this pretty much every year since then we have brought in a new cab or kit to keep things fresh. In fact we had every Namco fighter day of release up to and including Tekken 5 DR.

Some of you may even remember me at ATEI a few years back looking at the Tekken 6 Namco cab and asking you questions at their stand. We ultimately decided the cab in question was a bit too cramped and as they wouldn't sell a board seperately we looked elsewhere for something different.

Since then we managed to source the new Delta 32 you see there in those pictures and we've had a few fun games on it already, ranging from Battle Fantasia to Blazblue. This year we managed to grab a KOF XIII kit from a source in Japan and also the SFIV international edition which I did not think we would be lucky enough to get our hands on. We are currently looking to get a 2nd sit down cab, preferably not a Namco one and we also have a Guitar Freaks / Drum Mania V6 combo due in from Japan around the last weekend of June.

We're getting ready for the summer and we're more than happy to see you 

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