Sunday, 8 May 2011

StunFest XI [France] KOFXIII - Finals Vid

 Saw this posted up on MaxMode's facebook page a bit earlier today, the finals for the KOFXIII tournament held at StunFest XI in France that was held at the end of last month.

You can either watch it via eLive (which has extra commentary about the matches in French, and a couple of more matches):

Or via Youtube (which is just the finals):

Unrelated but i spent a bit of the afternoon today playing a bit of Real Bout 2, finally managed to complete the game again using one credit (after not being able to do so for a looooong time). Didn't manage to unlock the bonus fight with Alfred though, so i think that's my next goal for the game.

Forgot how great the endings for this game were. 


Additionally Gunsmith has recorded a podcast with Frionel talking about KOFXIII, check it out below:

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