Monday, 23 May 2011

SvC:Chaos CMV / Dark Geese vs Desmond DelaGhetto KOFXI Casuals

Some new videos that were uploaded within the past day or so.

The first coming from Fiol's Channel, italiancrustpunx, which is a combo music video featuring SNK vs Capcom: Chaos.It showcases quite a few of the characters in the game, but not all.

Although i was never a big fan of the game as a whole, i have always enjoyed playing it for a laugh and occasionally still do have a go on it whenever i have to go to meet friends at Las Vegas.

I bought a bootleg MVS cart of it a while back, which seems to play like the real thing, except for some reason when you catch the opponent in Iori's qcfx2+K it does the move and animation as normal but no damage lol.

I also have it on PAL PS2, but because Ignition decided to publish it on a CD Rom disc it makes a nasty lawnmower sound whenever it reads the disc...So i tend to avoid playing it that version... 

There were some matches filmed recently (about a month ago) in Mexico and uploaded to DarkGeese's channel.

Next up is a video of casual matches (about 43minutes worth) between Dark Geese and Desmond DelaGhetto on KOFXI. Who were both recently on the latest DreamCancel podcast.

Some crazy stuff in these matches like the cross up/mix up after a player gets killed into a 100% combo with Duo Lon...

Still need to get myself to sit down and try and play this game properly, tried to play it for a couple of hours last week and spent most of that time trying (and failing miserably) to beat Magaki...

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