Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Trouble Witches NEO! - Luca DLC Released!

SNKPlaymore have just announced on their Facebook page that they have released the DLC character Luca for Trouble Witches NEO! for 160MS points.
Luca joins the magical cast of "TROUBLE WITCHES☆NEO!"!
This new witch is now available to download on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the small price of 160 Microsoft Points!
With her overwhelming firepower, Luca should make all gamers happy, whether they are beginners or advanced players!

Unfortunately for me i only have 100MS points left in my account...So don't think i'll be buying this character until the next time i get around to getting a points card...

Still for just under 1000MS total for the game and DLC character this game is great value, and i recommend checking it out. You can read a brief write up a did about the game here, as well as a review on NTSC-UK.

Check out the DLC on

Edit: Also just noticed SNKPlaymore has updated their game blog regarding this, have a look to see a couple of pictures of this character in action.



  2. best character i have ever played with as i first got this game!