Friday, 13 May 2011


Blogger's service has been down for the past day, so haven't been able to update this blog at all, on top of that it seems like all the posts and pages i worked on through Thursday have gone!!
The status page of blogger says they are working on fixing this, i'm hoping so as i spent quite a long time editing and posting on Thursday...Going to wait until Sunday before i try updating my pages again, but will be annoyed if they don't come back...

But anyway...

Randomly was checking my e-mails on Thursday night and found out Xbox Rewards had deposited 100MS into my account!! Which was pretty convenient as it gave me enough to purchase the DLC character for Trouble Witches Neo!

I made a short(ish) video, as you can see below, of some gameplay with this character.

First impressions of the character is that she is pretty damn strong.
Her normal shot is a 'spread' type which pretty much covers the screen, her magic circle power by default is 200 points and opens up a pretty fricking huge circle.
When opening the magic circle her spread shot turns into a more concentrated forward shot.

Using her i found it incredibly easy to rack up money, and although in the video i die pretty stupidly many times i think she can make the game ALOT easier to finish on 1 credit.

I could be wrong about this but from what i used of her it seems she may have a shorter time for spell cards, which would probably be her only downside if this is true.

On a related note, whilst playing yesterday for the first time the shopkeeper was Jules instead of the normal lolicon pumpkin girl. I took a really bad photo using my iPod, as i was transferring videos from my camera's SD card, which you can see below.

I didn't get a chance to try and poke her with the pointer to see what would happen though as i was too busy trying to get a photo :(

Finally, got a couple of cheap KOF games in the mail today from a private sale on NeoEmpire's forums. I already own(ed) both games but not in these regions, i sold off my pal version of XI a while ago as i intended to buy the superior Japanese version and KOF EX NeoBlood i bought as it came in a bundle with other gba games.


  1. I wish they could have pasted Sprites or Memory in there (you know what I'm saying, right ) , Well, since the deal was only for publishing I bet that they didn't want to marry development costs into Trouble Witches or something.

    BTW I have never played the Pal KoF XI but I saw some vids in youtube a few years back and it was crap, so congratulations on getting the japanese one.

  2. I always forget that Twinkle Star Sprites is an SNK game, as i've always been more aware of the Sega Saturn version.

    It is a shame they didn't insert one of their own IPs in though, i'd imagine as they were only publishing they most likely didn't have overall control of content maybe.

    PAL XI was a really sloppy port, the ones i know of are Tizoc/Griffon on the character select screen is named as Mai, and random freezing problems on the training mode.

    I remember really bad slowdown on some of the console exclusive stages as well, forgot to test this one out on the Japanese version just now, but i was told before it was a PAL only problem.