Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ultimate Clash 8 - KOF02UM Tournament Video / Dream Cancel Tees

If you missed out on the stream of the UC8 KOF02UM videos earlier today, it was automatically recorded on eLive's website. I've embedded the video below, but check out Orochinagi for the full write up and bracket details. 

Also something pretty cool i saw on DreamCancel today is they have opened up an online shop selling original design t-shirts, with the below design being my personal favourite.

I worked out including shipping to the UK for the $15 tees (total of about $29 i think it was), it works out to be about £17/18 which is a pretty good price. Hopefully when i have a bit of cash to spare i will look into importing one for myself.

You can check out the original post here for more details, and the store here.

Also worth noting, the second episode of DreamCancel's Drive Cancel Radio podcast was released today.
I'm just about to listen to it now, you can check it out for yourself over on DreamCancel.

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