Friday, 20 May 2011

Unlimited Face/Off 2 Backlash - 22nd May 2011

Gunsmith will be running the Unlimited Face/Off Backlash KOF02UM tournament this Sunday at The White Bear, in West Ruislip, you can check out more details over on Orochinagi as well as sign up.

Also Kane317 has uploaded a new KOFXIII video featuring a 799 damage hyperdrive combo with Shen Woo.

Finally HardEdgeOfficial has uploaded a set of Breakers Revenge videos from a tournament held in TRF from the 2nd May.

Never really got into this game much, i own the first game on MVS cart but was always really annoyed by the fact that a couple of years ago this game replaced another game i was playing in Casino (i can't remember if it was Garou:MOTW or RoTD) so have always held a bit of a grudge against it.

I do think it's quite a funny game though, always seems like you can just cancel everything into special.

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