Saturday, 21 May 2011

Yreval's Photos/Impressions Of KOFXIII In Replay Games [Bangor, Northern Ireland]

Yreval has just posted up some photos of the KOFXIII arcade set up they have over in Replay Games, as well as a few first impressions of the game on NeoEmpire and

- Tried a few different characters - Terry, Iori, K', Kula, Athena, Yuri. Being so used to old-school Iori I had some trouble adjusting - he still has his j.b+B (one of my favourite moves in all of fighting games) though, so I think I will give him another shot. He's also the only character whose Neomax I successfully landed today.
- Game looks very good in person - not too fond of the filter applied to the character sprites but the backgrounds are absolutely sick.

Looks like a pretty nice set up and store. I'm not sure if they've filmed any matches as of yet but if there are any videos i'll edit them into this post later.

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