Thursday, 30 June 2011

mamuuuut's KOFXIII Combo Videos

Randomly came across mamuuuut's Youtube Channel today, there's quite a few big combos on there and some you may have seen before but well worth checking out if you have a few minutes to spare.

I've embedded a few of the ones i liked below:

And of course check out and subscribe to his channel for more.

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Hwa Jai Combo Tutorial

The next part of the DontDropThatCombo videos has been uploaded featuring Hwa Jai. 

I can't say i was particularly thrilled when i saw this character shown for the first time, in fact the first thing i thought was he was a bit like a MUGEN character due to being a headswap of Joe Higashi.

He does however look fairly decent now i've seen a little more of him, and slightly more than being a simple headswap, though i still haven't seen many matches of him being used.

Next up would be RAIDEN, the character i know we've all been waiting to see more of. xD


KOFXIII Arcade Cabinet v.1.1 In Belgium

An arcade in Belgium called Player has now obtained a KOFXIII v.1.1 board, so if you're stopping by Belgium or live close by you can check it out for yourself.

Details from Arcade Belgium:

The King of Fighters XIII at last comes to Belgium! Released in Japan last Summer, the latest episode in SNK's popular fighting game series ends the Ash Crimson chapter. SNK Playmore had many things to address after the very average KOF XII and the least we can say is that they have worked hard! Here's a game that will reconcile a lot of players with this series. See for yourself! You can play KOF XIII at Player video game shop located in Grivegnée (Liège). They offer the latest version (Ver.1.1 released in October 2010) in a Naomi cabinet, this update removes the roll cancelling and fixes many bugs. Control layout is selectable: buttons in square shape (box) or in line (Neo-Geo style). A fighting game session is organized tonight and King of Fighters XIII will obviously be part of the show! Come and fight!

And details of Player can be found here.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Orochinagi Interview with SNKP and Atlus

Gunsmith has just posted up a short interview between himself and Atlus/SNKP.

Amongst the questions asked are regarding netcode, the relationship between Atlus and SNKP, and a little about the content in XIII.

You can check it out here.

TROUBLE WITCHES☆NEO! - Super Play - Sakurako Kojo - Stages 3,4,5

Another set of these Super Play/No Miss videos has been uploaded to SNKP on XBLA's Facebook Page.

Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

Well worth a watch even if you don't own the game, if you don't it's well worth the price, as the level of play as you can imagine is quite high.

Also on the subject of Trouble Witches NEO! over on Dreamcancel's forums, member solidshark is currently holding a (for fun) high score challenge for this game.

The entry date ends on 3rd July, which is this Sunday, so join up on DreamCancel's forum and enter a score if you own the game.

DontDropThatCombo - Ryo Sakazaki Zanretsuken Tutorial

Another special video coming from DontDropThatCombo, featuring Ryo Sakazaki's Zanretsuken special move.

Kind of amusing how many hits some of these combos go up to, at least one of them even goes up to above 99 hits (although the counter doesn't count past 99).

Billy Kane in KOFXIII

According to reports from Famitsu and Kotaku, Billy Kane will be joining the KOFXIII cast on the console version, no sign of photos yet but will keep an eye out for some more news.

Edit: Image found on (Also thanks to Dody)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Kim Combo Tutorial

Yet another combo tutorial from DontDropThatCombo, this time featuring Kim.

I tried to learn Kim at one point during playing XII, as he seemed like a pretty fun character, but as with most of the cast in XII he didn't seem to have 'enough' to keep me interested.

He looks quite good in this though. Just adding the qcfx2+K seems to have increased what he can potentially do.

Also it's interesting (as noted in the video description) his f,f+A doesn't require drive cancel to chain it into another move.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cool Soul Research Report Vol. 19 [KOFXIII]

 A new Cool Soul Research video has been uploaded by kofplayer today, as with previous Cool Soul videos there is some impressive stuff on display here.

Quite a few new things i've seen in this video like Goro getting in four uppercuts from a counter hit CD, Iori using his super to move into another dragon punch juggle, and some impressive stun combos with Takuma and Kula.

KOF XIII: Kyo - How to get 5 Orochinagi's in one combo [DontDropThatCombo]

Something a little different today from DontDropThatCombo, he has created a new video with Kyo demonstrating how he has tried to put in the maximum amount of Orochinagi DMs into one combo.

From the video description:

After watching several KOF XIII combo videos with Kyo performing up to 4 Orochinagi's in one combo, I just had to try and squeeze one more Orochinagi out of it in a basic combo. As most of you know, you can have a maximum of 5 super bars. So I wanted to use them all on the same move {Orochinagi}

1 - CORNER: jump+C, std+C, df+D, B+C Cancel, std+C, df+D, hcb+D, qcf+D, b-d-db+B, Orochinagi, b-d-db+D, Orochinagi, hcb+D, b-d-db+B, Orochinagi, Orochinagi A+C.
2 - CORNER: jump+C, std+C, df+D, B+C Cancel, std+C, df+D, qcf+D, b-d-db+B, Orochinagi, b-d-db+D, Orochinagi, hcb+D, b-d-db+B, Orochinagi, b-d-db+B, Orochinagi
3 - CORNER: jump+C, std+C, df+D, B+C Cancel, std+C, df+D, qcf+D, b-d-db+B, Orochinagi, b-d-db+D, Orochinagi, hcb+D, b-d-db+B, Orochinagi, b-d-db+B, dp+A, Orochinagi, Orochinagi.

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Shen Woo Combo Tutorial / a-cho Match Vids

Another combo tutorial was uploaded this morning, this time featuring Shen Woo. 

This guy looks like one of the combo monsters of the game, i remember seeing one of his combos a few days back with No.17 playing him where he hit the opponent once and they came OFF.

I thought he was also very good in XII as well, Robocop2's Shen Woo in that game always tough to fight against and it'll be interesting to see him playing him again in this game. (Although i'm not looking forward to getting hit by any of these combos...)

Also check out some Shen play in these vids uploaded by GAMEacho this morning.

And of course if you haven't check it out already it's well worth watching No.17 playing Shen Woo in this vid.

Friday, 24 June 2011

DontDropThatCombo - Duo Lon Combo Tutorial

Another video from the DontDropThatCombo channel has been uploaded today, this time with Duo Lon.

As noted in the videos these combos don't show off his full potential as a character, i've seen quite a few little mix-ups in match videos of him.

It's a shame though that fellow Hizoku member Lin didn't make it into this game as i think he would have fitted into XIII's system quite nicely.

I'm not even quite sure why they've dragged on the side story of the Hizoku and Kensou/Bao's 'Dragon Power' for so long without closure either.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Best Fighting Game of E3 2011 on GameSpot

Saw over on DreamCancel's front page that KOFXIII has been nominated to be amongst the best fighting games shown at E3 this year.

The editor's choice has been Street Fighter x Tekken, but you can place a vote for the reader's choice here.

It's well worth putting a vote in for KOFXIII, you don't even have to register to vote, as it would be good for the KOF community for the game to be voted number 1. (Just to even get it noticed by casual fighting game players would be good.)

Street Fighter x Tekken is currently in the lead, so we need to get those votes in!

KOF98UM:FE Matches

A new KOF98UM:FE match was uploaded by Emillll last night, only just had a chance to watch it just now though.

Some really nice play with Lucky in both matches, i've not seen much use of him in Japanese matches so it was refreshing to see.

I do remember reading a tier list a couple of years back where Lucky was considered low tier in the original 98, i'm not quite sure where he is rated in this game, but i always thought he was quite decent in 98.

There used to be a player in the UK with the nickname 'Kensou' who was a really good Lucky player, though unfortunately he no longer plays.

Also as you can imagine with a nickname like Kensou he used Kensou's fireball incredibly well. Almost down to a fine art, where you would jump and almost always he would make you land on his fireball.

KOF98UM [NTSC-US] Bonus Disc Videos

Firstly thanks to BlackNoah from for sending me these videos. 

As the title states these are promotional videos from the US PS2 version of KOF98UM.

As cheesey as they may be, i really like the 98UM promotional videos made by Ignition and it's a shame they never made their way over to the PAL version of the game (which received a very limited release...).

It's a real shame Ignition US and SNKP have seemingly parted ways as i thought Ignition's online promotions via their Facebook fanpage for KOFXII was excellent.

I saw quite a few photos and videos of the tournament they held in the US as well for XII, with the delicious Kerry Fistell, it's just a shame Ignition US had to work with an unfinished and poorly received game...Watching the backlash after release from fans on the Facebook page was quite harsh, as i know they tried their best to promote the hell out of the game.

Ignition UK on the other hand never even seemed to bother with promoting XII, i even tried to contact their UK office at one point to ask them if they would be interested to help promote the game with our ranking battles for XII by sending some posters or something but they didn't even bother to reply... :-/

Well anyway at least Ignition seem to be working closely with Data East now, another company whose games i enjoy, and i hope that works out for them.

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Elizabeth Blanctorche Combo Tutorial

Another in the series of combo videos by DontDropThatCombo, featuring Elizabeth this time. 

As i guessed alot of crazy juggle combos, combos 14/15 were properly the biggest eye openers though as stated in the description apparently they are range specific.

It's gonna be scary fighting a good player with her in XIII, i know one of the UK players (RORY) used her very well in XII and she wasn't even that strong in that game... :-/

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

PlayAsia - Orochi Saga [Wii] $13 / 98UM [PS2] $15 - NTSC-US

Just noticed on Playasia they are selling the US Wii version of KOF Collection -Orochi Saga- for $13 (About £8) and $4 (£2.50) for shipping, which seems pretty cheap if you don't own these games already.

They also have the PS2 version for slightly more, but i've read on this review i found on Google that the Wii version is slightly better.

They have PS2>GC pad convertors on PlayAsia for those who don't own a stick for the Wii.

Also something else i found quite cheap is the US PS2 version of 98UM for just under $15 (£9), apparently this version came with some kind of bonus disk which was exclusive to the US version. (Containing wallpapers according to the reviews on Playasia.)

Mario Slug 3 [Fan Art/Sprite Edit]


Saw this via TinyCartridge just now.

A member of Pixiv called Mr.Rabbit has created a set of Mario Bros x Metal Slug 3 fan arts/sprite edits, which are pretty cool, would have been even better if someone made a fan game of it though. xD

I'm not quite sure how to navigate Pixiv properly, but check out more pics of this on TinyCartridge and on Mr.Rabbit's Pixiv page.

KOF02UM A-Cho Tournament Vids

A couple more KOF videos coming from A-Cho have been uploaded today, both just under an hour each, this time featuring KOF02UM.

Never realised EX Kensou could do qcf+K into his jumping qcb+P for an extra juggle (first vid around 1:15), have barely touched the character since i started playing 02UM as i thought he was kind of 'strange' compared to his 99 version. 

KOFXIII Kyoto VS Osaka

Just one last post before i go to sleep.

SMOAI2010 has just uploaded a KOFXIII Kyoto VS Osaka teams video.

You might recognise No.17's name as he was in the US earlier this year, as well as Mexico if i remember correctly.

Some crazy stuff in this vid, i've not been keeping up with KOFXIII match videos properly so it's suprising to see stuff like K' doing an air to air flykick into his EX hurricane kick (with added hits if drive cancelled) and Shen Woo's HD combo killing the opponent who makes one mistake.

Still it's interesting to watch, only about 4 months till the console release. \o/

TROUBLE WITCHES☆NEO! - Super Play - Sakurako Kojo - Stages 1,2

Just noticed SNKPlaymore have started to upload some more Trouble Witches NEO! Super Play videos onto their SNKPOn XBLA Facebook page. I'm really glad they've decided to keep making these as they are really nice to watch.

This time the character they've decided to focus on is Sakurako Kojo who was actually one of the first characters i picked when i started to learn the game.

Stage 1
Stage 2

It's great that SNKP have been making all of these Super Play/No Miss style videos and i really hope they keep making them for all future game releases. I do wish they would upload these Trouble Witches videos to Youtube as well though...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

KOF98 A-Cho Tournament Vids

Haven't quite finished watching this yet myself but GAMEacho the official channel for the arcade (A-Cho) has just uploaded an hour long tournament vid of KOF98. (At least i think it's a tournament vid.)

Great to see Chin kicking some ass, i used him as one of my main characters for quite a few years and was pretty dissapointed when they changed his fighting style in XII/XIII. Need to start learning him again in 02UM.

Also whilst on the subject of 02UM, Emilll has uploaded some new videos from VERSUS to his Youtube channel.

Usagi - New Leona Cosplay Photo

Usagi has just uploaded a new Leona photo from the Cure Festival to her Cure page.

If you haven't already had a look, check out her cosplay page on Cure for more photos.

KOF02UM - Vanessa A-Label 1/6 Scale Figure - A Quick Look

As mentioned a couple of posts back i won an auction for a KOF02UM Vanessa figure from eBay this past Sunday, which arrived this morning thanks to buying from an excellent seller.

Also as i mentioned it suffers from a small damage to the trouser braces, as you can see below, i'm still trying to figure out how to stick it back together as it doesnt seem to be as simple as just applying glue.

From what i've looked at it so far it seems i can't pull the brace far enough down to fit where it originally should be, and i don't want to damage it, so i'm going to take my time to look at fixing the damage correctly.

The actual figure itself though is pretty high quality though maybe not the £99 worth of quality that is charging for the figure brand new.

There is alot of detail in the figure and the paint job is for the most part very good, however i did feel as though the actual face was not as good as it could have been but still it is decent. 

The bottom of the stand is marked with SNKPLAYMORE and MADE in CHINA, but no KOF02UM/Vanessa stamp on the top of it which is a bit of a shame as it makes it looks a little plain.

As mentioned the level of detail in this figure is pretty good, i'm not sure if you can tell just from the photos but the creases in the trousers and shirt all seem to be in the correct places and are really well done.

Above is a comparison in size to the KOFXIII chibi figures, as you can see the figure is fairly large, at a rough guess i would say it is possibly about 30cm tall maybe.

I've read and seen a few pictures online about the possibility of removing her shirt, but i can't figure out how to do that without damaging the figure.

And in case you were wondering, she has no painted nipples. xD

Overall i'm really happy with the purchase, though i doubt i would have paid much more for it if i hadn't won that auction for it. (At a maximum value i would say it is more like a £40-50 figure rather than £99.)

I just need to figure out where i'm going to display it now :-/

Monday, 20 June 2011

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Vice Combo Tutorial

The last of the Yagami team members, Vice, combo tutorial was uploaded today. 

Alot of her combos seem to revolve around her 'snake arm' grab, so she doesn't seem all too immediately interesting to me. Was still quite nice to see what she can do though since i haven't seen much of her being used, i'm not sure if they ever did completely fix the glitch with one of her throws that leaves the opponent stuck in the air.

Next up as mentioned in his video will be the start of the Elizabeth team, starting with Elizabeth.
I'm expecting to see some silly juggles. xD

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Mature Combo Tutorial

Another combo tutorial from DontDropThatCombo featuring Mature this time. 

I never really liked Mature in XII, she came across as a bit of a budget version of XII's Iori, but it looks like they've restored her to being a fully fleshed out character in this one.

For the most part i thought her combos looked in this video somewhat similar to things she can do in 02UM with quite a few added things. I still think it's quite funny you can repeatedly hit someone with the same move in a combo, four EX fireballs :-/

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Blog Update (19/6/11)

Spent most of this afternoon tidying up the KOFXIII Technical References tab, it's not quite finished yet but i've added DontDropThatCombo's videos to it, as well as a table of contents, put them all under sections and added the moves list for Ash.

At some point i'll add more to it and try to get around to translating the combos from the KOFXIII Master Guide to add to it as well.

On an unrelated note i managed to win an auction on a KOF02UM Vanessa figure on eBay today, came up to about £37 after shipping costs, which is quite good considering it's still something crazy like £99 on

The image above is just an image i found on Google, the one i actually won the auction for is slightly damaged where her trouser bracers are but it looks like something you can fix with super glue (hopefully).

I'll take some photos of it when it arrives in the mail.

Metal Bug (???) Super Vehicle-001 Garage Kit

Yup that's not a typo a company called Metal House is going to be releasing a clone garage/model kit of the Metal Slug tank and according to HobbyFan's product page it will be released at the end of September this year.

I tend to try and avoid bootleg figures/toys as much as possible but for US$24 it actually looks pretty decent and i'm considering ordering one when it's released.

There doesn't seem to be much information out there right now (from what i can find on Google it just takes me to HobbyFan's product page for it), but it seems to be possibly based on the garage kit that was available at the Wonder Festival. (See below photo)

Actually i'm not sure if that one at the Wonder Festival was official either, but at least it was named after the actual game.

Anyway if you wanna preorder it or would like to check out more photos of the kit check out the product page on HobbyFan

Saturday, 18 June 2011

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Iori Yagami Combo Tutorial

Another combo tutorial from DontDropThatCombo this time featuring one of the characters i used to use in KOFXII, Iori Yagami.

Although i never liked XII's critical counter system very much i always enjoyed doing Iori's 'Arcadia combo' in that game, and was probably one of the main reasons i liked Iori in XII. (Plus the fact he was a strong character in that game lol.)

But it looks like in this one (combo 16) he can do 9 dragon punches in a row...So he might need to be picked up again lol.

Kinda strange though the properties in this game, i'm pretty sure you could never cancel a special move into itself on 02UM's BC cancel system, but it from what it looks like in this you can cancel a special move into it's EX version ??

Real Bout 2 - Mai Unblockable

Came across quite an interesting video today on linnesaka's Youtube channel of a video showing an unblockable with Mai in Real Bout 2.

From the video description:

cf. 1:17
Mai's (and Tung's) small jump B is UNBLOCKABLE on the verge of landing , because hitbox appears below opponent's guard-hitbox in stand.
Of course , it's jump attack , so cannot be blocked in crouch.
Only Tung can block this tech in stand.

It's quite good to know since i play Mai in this game, and even better to see someone playing her as i haven't seen many matches with anyone playing her since i started watching Real Bout 2 match videos a month or two ago.

You can check out the actual video here, and of course if you like Real Bout 2 it's worth subscribing to linnesaka's Youtube channel as he has plenty of videos on there and updates fairly frequently.

Magical Drop V - Gameplay / Explanation Video

Came across this video today, it's basically showing some of the gameplay of the newest Magical Drop game plus an explanation from Shane Bettenhausen from Ignition about some of the new features in the game as well as some more details of the game in general.

What's interesting to note is that he mentions the possibility/interest of reviving more Data East IPs, which i hope would lead to the possibility of a new Fighters History (or even a HD remake) at some point.

As for the game itself it does look like the artwork is not quite up to the same level of the past titles (though still decent), but since it is going to be a budget release i would say this isn't such a big deal.

The release is stated as possibly coming out on PC (via Steam) as early as September, with the console versions to follow shortly after.

Whilst Ignition seem to have fallen out with SNKP after KOFXII (judging by the fact they are not publishing XIII) it's great to see they are working closely with Data East. 

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Takuma Sakazaki Combo Tutorial

These seem to be coming out faster and faster, which is pretty cool, DontDropThatCombo has now uploaded Takuma Sakazaki's combo tutorial.

This was one of the ones i've been looking forward to, as i enjoyed using Takuma at the Ultimate Clash Xtreme event, so it's good to see what he is capable of.

As noted in the video description this video is actually longer than the other videos due to how versatile Takuma is.

Next up will be Iori Yagami.

Friday, 17 June 2011

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Robert Garcia Combo Tutorial

The next part of DontDropThatCombo's series of combo tutorials has been uploaded, this time featuring the stylish Robert Garcia.

Whilst on the subject of Robert, i watched a video clip a while back from Australia's Got Talent and immediately thought of Robert. Check out this guy Super Italia.

I'm pretty sure he's charging up his max bar at the beginning before unleashing his Kyokugen Ryuu Ougi, with a couple of hien shippu kyakus thrown in for good measure.

Kensou - KOF2000 - 100% Combo

Another combo vid for KOF2000 from Fiol, this time featuring one of my favourite characters Kensou (with Neo&Geo as strikers).

Thursday, 16 June 2011

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Ryo Sakazaki Combo Tutorial

Already the next part of the series of combo tutorials has been uploaded by DontDropThatCombo.

This time featuring the Art of Fighting Team's Ryo Sakazaki.

One thing i'm gonna miss from XII's critical counter system is seeing Ryo do about 10 dragon punches in a row. :(

Though it still seems he has some nice combos in this game too, next up he will be uploading Robert Garcia.

The King Of Fighters XIII CHAOS CMV Volume I

Saw this on DreamCancel's front page just now.

Team Chaos has made this combo video in order to get more people interested into KOFXIII, i believe one of the players who performs some of the combos in this vid (BALA) recently won the KOFXIII tournament at ReveLAtions.

As it's marked 'Volume I', i would assume there is more to come soon.

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Joe Higashi Combo Tutorial

DontDropThatCombo has uploaded another of his combo tutorial videos with the final member of the Fatal Fury team, Joe Higashi.

Next up he will be uploading the Art of Fighting team starting with Ryo Sakazaki.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Mystery Leona Cosplayer

As mentioned in a couple of the previous posts about cosplay (Cure x KOF and Mai Cosplayer) i was trying to find the profile of the Leona cosplayer on the Cure website.

Though i had no luck actively searching for it myself, i even tried browsing through the contest entries, just by pure chance/boredom i decided to watch one of the videos of one of the previous events.

At about 7:55 you can see a cosplayer called 'Usagi' and her Cure page number, since she did a cute cosplay i thought i'd check out her page and BAM it's the Leona cosplayer. \o/

If you check out her Cure page there are a few other SNK cosplays she has done, including Elizabeth and B.Jenet.

KOFXIII Sessions [Bangor, Northern Ireland]

Yreval has just posted up a thread on regarding sessions he wants to get started on KOFXIII at Replay Games in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

The first of these sessions will be this Sunday, starting at 2pm.

Alright then, time to get some KOF XIII hype going. The plan is to meet up at Replay at around 2pm (but we can meet earlier if it's handy - or if anyone wants a longer session, as Replay closes at 4:30) on Sunday the 19th and play some KOF XIII.

Check out the original post here or the cross post on NeoEmpire's forums.

Neo Geo AES Pet Urn ??

Came across this thread on today, and whilst the thread is old it's probably one of the more bizzarre stories i've read relating to the Neo Geo.

A member of the forums dog passed away in 2003, and after cremating it he decided to create an urn out of a Fatal Fury (US) AES cart as his dog's final resting place.

You can read more about it on this webpage, and also there is a scan of an article from FHM regarding the story.

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Andy Bogard Combo Tutorial

 The next part of the series of combo tutorials by DontDropThatCombo, this time featuring Andy Bogard.

As also stated in the video description it doesn't look like much has changed for him since XII aside from a EX moves and NeoMax.

Next up should be Joe Higashi.

KOF98 [MegaDrive] - Pirate Game

I've seen these kicking around on eBay and Yahoo occasionally for a while now, only actually tried bidding on one on eBay recently and it ended up going for more than i wanted to pay for a pirate game. (End bid was about £19.51.) :(

Even though i didn't end up winning it while i was waiting for the auction to end i went off to research a little bit about it.

One of the things i found quite funny about this game is that it has an original opening movie featuring some of the characters in the game, as you can see above Ryo shoots off a rather impressive Haoh Sho Koh Ken Beam.

There don't seem to be many characters in this game. They've included the Fatal Fury Team, the Art of Fighting Team and amusingly a team comprised of Street Fighter characters (Cammy, Ryu and Guile.)
What i found even more funny was that they've spelled some of the names wrong, for example Terry is Treey and Cammy is Canme.

The sprites seem to be ripped from the megadrive versions of each of the games the characters are from, along with some of the backgrounds which have a few alterations.

Most of my information about this game came from a set of videos uploaded by Youtube User smoke072, who has made a set of videos playing through this game.

As you can see for yourself the game actually looks pretty terrible, as is usually expected of pirate games, and seems to loop a funny version of the Power Rangers song over and over again.

One thing i did actually quite like though is that they seem to have given Terry a ranbu special (check out 1:55 on the above vid.)

There seems to be quite a few pirate KOF games out there, i know there are quite a few bootleg 2002 MVS versions too, as well as this one for the NES:

I don't actually own any yet myself though unfortunately, would be nice to own a couple just to put on the shelf and turn on occasionally for a laugh.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Terry Bogard Combo Tutorial

DontDropThatCombo has now started to upload the next set of combo tutorials, this time the Fatal Fury team's Terry Bogard is featured.

Kind of funny seeing him cancel his standing B into super.

The Mystery Mai Shiranui Cosplayer

About half a year ago i uploaded a set of Mai Shiranui cosplay photos to the KOF02UM[Europe] Facebook page, and although i managed to find quite a few of her photos i had no idea who the cosplayer was.

(The closest i managed to getting a name was finding out that she did the Mai cosplay at Tokyo Game Show 2007 but that was about it.)

After i mentioned the Cure website in the previous post i went off to see if i could find any more of the Leona cosplayer.

Though unsuccessful in finding any more i came across another Mai cosplayer who had a photo with the same background to the one in the photo above and the website Cosplex watermarked on it.

So off i went to Google search with my new found knowledge and finally after a bit of trial and error i found a name (Ranmaru /蘭丸 ) and her blog website. She also has a page on Cure, which i think you have to sign up to view.

Although she has done alot of different cosplay from what i've seen so far the only SNK related ones are all of Mai.

So another mystery solved but now the search begins to find out who did that Leona cosplay... =_=

Monday, 13 June 2011

Cure Cosplay Festival x KOF Live Action

Cosplay website Cure recently teamed up with the makers of the KOF live action to put on a KOF themed cosplay show at the Cure Cosplay Festival.

There's quite a wide range of characters from KOF being cosplayed in the show and even though some of them are quite funny it puts to shame the poor efforts in the live action movie...

I've uploaded a few of the photos i found (with my personal favourite being the Leona cosplay), but you can check out more here and here

ReveLAtions - KOFXIII Tournament [USA]

I missed watching this on the live stream the other day, as it got delayed and ended up being played at about 5/6am, but luckily the stream was automatically archived. So in case like me anyone missed it, here are the vids.

Vid 1 (Starts from about 1:28:00)

Vid 2:

Watch live video from Level|Up Live on

KOFXIII - Benimaru / KOF2000 Combo Videos

 DontDropThatCombo has uploaded the final part of the Japan Team's combo tutorials with Benimaru today.
Some interesting things going on with his EX Benimaru Collider grab, can't help but feel his NeoMax looks (asthetically) a little rubbish though.

He mentions in the video he will start to upload the Fatal Fury team next, with the first to be Terry Bogard.

Also uploaded within the past day by Fiol is some 100% combo videos for KOF2000 with Neo&Geo as strikers. 

Since i never really got into 2000 (took a break from playing KOF after 99) it's always interesting to see some of the strikers i'm unfamiliar with. The only ones i remember seeing people using mainly were Seth and Joe.

TROUBLE WITCHES☆NEO! - Super Play - Pril Patowle - Stages 5,6.

The final two parts of the Trouble Witches Neo! Super Play videos have now been uploaded to SNKP on XBLA's Facebook page.

Stage 5
Stage 6

It's mentioned that this is the end of the series of TW:NEO Super Play videos, but i'm kinda hoping they will continue making these videos with the other characters as well as i've enjoyed watching them.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

majijam's KOF02UM Death Combo Movie - Pretty Girl & Women's Team

A new video was uploaded today by majijam, this time featuring the Pretty Girl (Hinako, Xiang Fei, May Lee) and Women's Team (Mai, King, Kasumi).

I kinda thought they changed the latest versions of 02UM so Hinako couldn't hit a turned opponent so many times, though he never actually does the infinite, so was pretty interesting to see those combos.

Also uploaded by DontDropThatCombo is the first of his KOFXIII combo videos, so far he has made two (for Kyo and Daimon), with more to come soon hopefully.


A couple of videos i've watched today, first uploaded by SMOAI2010 is the first of a set of 6 vids from VERSUS in Japan. Some nice Hinako play towards the end of this video.

And the second is the first of a set of videos uploaded by Dark Geese, featuring MR.KOF and Reynald playing a first to 10 on KOFXIII. It seems like they are warming up for the ReveLAtions event tomorrow in the US.

Friday, 10 June 2011

KOF[UK] T-Shirt Designs

When i was doing my degree in Illustration years ago i messed around a bit with screen printing t-shirts but since i don't have the equipment to do it at home i haven't done it since.

After recently seeing the DreamCancel tees it reminded me that i should probably try getting into making t-shirts again so messed around with Photoshop for a bit and came up with the following design.

The actual website StreetShirts i think is kind of expensive (the above design in white would cost about £13 and the grey one was a bit more), but it was a link i was sent by my sister a while ago so i thought i'd try that website out first before looking around at other options.

Why i chose Billy Kane is because i kind of consider him to be the 'mascot' for UK amongst the SNKP characters, i even used his theme in one of the combo videos we made for KOFXII.

This next one i'm actually considering getting made so that i can wear to tournaments. (If i ever get the time and money to go to any more.) The only thing that's putting me off at the moment is it's going to cost £25ish... :-/

The cheaper option is i could always use transfer paper, but when i tried using that before most of it faded as soon as the tee got washed... =_=

Anyway any opinions of the design are welcome, good or bad is ok.