Sunday, 19 June 2011

Blog Update (19/6/11)

Spent most of this afternoon tidying up the KOFXIII Technical References tab, it's not quite finished yet but i've added DontDropThatCombo's videos to it, as well as a table of contents, put them all under sections and added the moves list for Ash.

At some point i'll add more to it and try to get around to translating the combos from the KOFXIII Master Guide to add to it as well.

On an unrelated note i managed to win an auction on a KOF02UM Vanessa figure on eBay today, came up to about £37 after shipping costs, which is quite good considering it's still something crazy like £99 on

The image above is just an image i found on Google, the one i actually won the auction for is slightly damaged where her trouser bracers are but it looks like something you can fix with super glue (hopefully).

I'll take some photos of it when it arrives in the mail.

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