Saturday, 18 June 2011

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Iori Yagami Combo Tutorial

Another combo tutorial from DontDropThatCombo this time featuring one of the characters i used to use in KOFXII, Iori Yagami.

Although i never liked XII's critical counter system very much i always enjoyed doing Iori's 'Arcadia combo' in that game, and was probably one of the main reasons i liked Iori in XII. (Plus the fact he was a strong character in that game lol.)

But it looks like in this one (combo 16) he can do 9 dragon punches in a row...So he might need to be picked up again lol.

Kinda strange though the properties in this game, i'm pretty sure you could never cancel a special move into itself on 02UM's BC cancel system, but it from what it looks like in this you can cancel a special move into it's EX version ??

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