Friday, 10 June 2011

Gamespot & Siliconera Hands On With KOFXIII

Saw this over on Dreamcancel's front page.

Gamespot and Siliconera have both posted up hands-on previews on KOFXIII and so far their impressions of the game seem fairly positive.

Though because the version shown at E3 was an early build of the game many of the console specific options were omitted (leaving only an arcade mode to show).
 No doubt SNKP want to keep things underwraps until they are ready themselves to reveal the full game details.

It's noted on the Gamespot article that it will apparently have an improved netcode from the one present in KOFXII, and that Atlus are pressing for the game to be a solid product.

It would be a real shame if SNKP don't get this one right, although i do have my own qualms with this game (and overall prefer 02UM), as i enjoyed playing it at Ultimate Clash Xtreme.


  1. As i understood they are going to use the netcode based on the post-patched KOF XII which is kinda fucked up.I couldn't play 1 game without imput lag.Maybe they will improve it some way but after hearing this i am not preordering until some reviews pop out.

  2. Ahh i think i must have misread that.

    Yeah i thought the post patch XII netcode was still pretty bad. I'd be pretty dissapointed if they used that one.

    Personally i'll still buy the game regardless, i can imagine alot of people won't be too happy with bad netcode though :-/

  3. I will buy the game for sure..but if it has bad netcode i will buy it used for like 20$ ...

  4. lol i guess i kinda know how you feel, i paid £55 for a US ps3 KOFXII to have it within the first couple of days it was released...A month or two ago i bought the preowned 360 version for only £5...

    Honestly though having played XIII, it is a huge step up from XII so would at least improve the 1player mode (hopefully).

    I think the thing which was most silly about XII was the AI difficulty was REALLY EASY compared to the arcade version. So besides playing friends locally the game wasn't really worth playing.

    I know netcode is important to alot of players nowadays though, so fingers crossed they actually have worked on it.

  5. Well me too i paid a lot of money for 12 region 1 too.And after i put the disk in and fooled around with some characters i dropped the stick and just stood there watching the screen asking myself "why?" LOL